Sunday, October 28, 2012

Favourite Find: Sol - La - Mi Listening Activity

Sol - La - Mi Listening Activity

Ack! Another one! Cherie Herring is my HERO! Haha!!

She says:
"This is a great listening and reading activity to play with grades 2 – 4. Before listening, have students draw and “connect the note dots” on each written pattern so they can see the shape of the melody. Students touch the large ear or character on each page to hear a child sing a solfege pattern then try to identify the written pattern heard. If they are correct, they can touch the second character for a funny comment reward. Some pages have students listen to three choices before identifying the pattern seen. Notice that each pattern is linked to it’s sound for additional game possibilities.
For additional reinforcement, have the students look at the patterns briefly and then write them on staff paper, or use chips or bottle tops on staff paper."

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