Sunday, October 28, 2012

Favourite Find: SQUILT - Musical Listening Activity for SMART Board

 SQUILT - Musical Listening Activity for SMART Board

This is a MUST have. Just saying!

The author says:

In this activity, SQUILT stands for 

I can’t really say that this activity will be Quiet… I like to have fun and this activity is really a musical listening adventure. It is serious fun!  

Linked: Each star-burst is linked to a different listening activity. There are enough linked pages for a class of 20 and several pages have multiple choices, so it is possible to accommodate even more children that way.

Here are a few of the listening activities in this file:
  • Listen for location music – Mexico
  • Listen for meter of 3
  • Listen for meter of 4
  • Arrange examples in tempo order: Largo- Moderato – Presto
  • Listen for music that matches food items
  • Listen for music written during grandparent’s time vs popular tunes
  • Listen and tell the story of the music - scary dream
  • Listen and identify music for “date night” – orchestra
  • Listen for music identifying commercials and TV shows
  • Listen and move to musical styles
Lesson flow: There are links to each page and back to the home page for seamless lesson flow. On most pages, there is a funny comment hidden in the choices. The kids love this and can’t wait to hit the jackpot!  This would be a great lesson for a music sub… if you dare miss the fun!!

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