Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Five Little Pumpkins for Boomwhackers

I finally finished working on my SMART Board pages for Five Little Pumpkins!

The first page is just a simple page for singing the song. Tap on each "thought" bubble and a picture appears as a hint for what that pumpkin says. At the end of the song, tap a pumpkin and they "roll" out of sight!

The next page is a simple solfege ladder that corresponds with the Boomwhacker colours. Students can do "sight-playing" exercises as the teacher points to the pumpkins. Modify into the Five Little Pumpkins song. It's a good demonstration of how the song goes up and down the scale.

The next four pages are the Five Little Pumpkins song notated in boxes: 4 beats per measure, 4 measures per page. Younger students will have an easier time playing this version, as opposed to the notes on the music staff.
Next is a page just like the previous set, but with empty boxes. Students can drag the pumpkins into the boxes to create their own Boomwhacker songs. If you want them to stick to pentatonic, just tell them which colours are "off limits", or you can delete them altogether!

Next is the song notated (still with colour pumpkins) on the staff for older students. The colours help them out, but they will become more aware of how melodies move up and down on the music staff.

The last page is an empty music staff where students can compose their own Boomwhacker pieces with the coloured pumpkins.

To download this SMART Board file for free, click here! Hope you enjoy!


  1. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Rock. I can't wait to try this!!!! Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you so much! It's wonderful Love the composition element too.

  3. The download doesn't work anymore :(

  4. Just found it on TeachersPayTeachers! Thanks so much!

  5. I am very interested in getting a copy of your five little pumpkins file for the boomwhackers but it is no longer available from Smart exchange. Is there another way I can access this file? Thanks!

  6. Also interested in this. Where can I go to get it?

  7. I was disappointed to see that the file has been removed...

  8. Since this download is no longer available at this link, where do we go to get it?
    Michelle Hardwick

  9. Hi Ashley,

    I love this! The Smartboard file has been taken down. Is there any way you could send that to me? I would appreciate it so much!!

    ---Sydney Johnson

  10. This is AWESOME!!!! When I click the link, it says the file has been taken down. Do you still have this file? If so, would you please share it with me? It would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!!