Friday, May 10, 2013

Centers: Boomwhacker Melodies

At this center students play songs on the Boomwhackers. They have a couple of options: they can play the already made songs (see below) or they can make their own songs with coloured circles. A second part this station is Name That Tune.

Click on the link below to download materials:
Boomwhacker Melodies Poster

I have scanned and printed out the boomwhacker songs from this book:

 In their group they can choose a song and practice playing it together.

I also have laminated cutouts of circles that match the Boomwhacker colours, each labeled with the appropriate solfege name. Students can lay them out in any order and compose their own Boomwhacker music.


  1. One,
    I love how organized your boomwhackers are! Mine are usually in a bucket. What is that, that you have them in? Is it like a magazine rack?

    Did you make your solfege circles yourself? They look great.

  2. That boomwhacker case is SUPER! How did u do it?

  3. Where did you get that boomwhacker stand? My problem is organizing them! I think I would use them more if I had something like that to put them in!!!

  4. The stand is actually just a bookshelf that our library didn't want anymore!

  5. Love all your ideas. Would you be willing to share your boomwhacker coloured cut outs? Thanks

  6. Love all your ideas. Would you be willing to share your boomwhacker coloured cut outs? e
    Also, for the folders with the boomwhacker melodies (I have that book! I've never used it!) do they just lay the words, note name strips and Titles on top of the folders? Do you assess this? Just curious. GREAT IDEA

  7. Your blog is so helpful! I am a very grateful 1st year teacher. Thank you!!

  8. Your blog is very useful for me.I really like you post,Thanks for sharing.


  9. I was also wondering about the composing circles.....did you make them?