Thursday, May 9, 2013

Centers: Fly Swat

Click on picture to download poster PDF
At the Fly Swat center, one student claps the rhythm from the wings of one of the flies. The other two students try to find the correct fly - the first one to swat it gets a point (see tally sheet). 

To make the fly swat posters, print off the flies for each level, cut them out, and glue them to poster board (and, of course, laminate!). I also wrote on each poster Level 1, Level 2, etc.

To download the flies for printing, click on the links below:
Level 1 Flies
Level 2 Flies
Level 3 Flies
Level 4 Flies
Level 5 Flies
Level 6 Flies
*Fly clipart template made by

Other printables:
Fly Center Poster
Fly Center Tally Sheet

Click on the picture to download worksheet PDF


  1. Love this. Thanks so much for sharing! And for presenting at the Make and Take :)

  2. Very cute! My 1st grade students will love this!

  3. Another great game I am super excited to play with my classes! Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas!

  4. Love it! I use fly swatters in my music class for a lot of other things and never thought of using FLIES!!!

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