Friday, May 10, 2013

Centers: Name That Tune

I got this idea from Katie Traxler's site.
Students look at a folder that has notes on the music staff. They need to find the following pieces (each cut into laminated strips) and add them to the folder:
- the song title
- the note names
- the lyrics

They may want to find those pieces first and then play, or the may want to play the notes first to help them figure it out!

Click on the link below to download materials:
Name That Tune Poster

Again, I used the same scanned music from this book:

After laminating, I cut each song into pieces:
1) the notes on the staff
2) the note names
3) the lyrics
4) the titles
In each folder I glued the notes on the staff, leaving spaces for the note name strips, lyric strips and title strips.


  1. Hi Ashley,
    I LOVE your posters and all your ideas. Would you be willing to share your template?

    Thanks for considering.

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